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"In your weaknesses lies your strengths; amongst the darkness dwells the light; within the obvious remains the concealed; in the midst of misfortune there is opportunity; chaos begets order; hate beckons love."

Jamel Duane (via psych-facts)

wave theory

some days are great and some days are terrible. most of the time i’m in that in between space in my mind where i wonder where you are. 

i’m cruising alongside the current. hoping, wondering, praying in desperation that an answer will come to me. maybe i’ll figure it out tomorrow, maybe tonight will be the day, either way…i’m in that space where i seem to always run away.

run away with me? i don’t know any other way. maybe we can walk alongside the current and just wash whatever it is holding us back. or maybe i’m just young and hopeless, too optimistic for my own good. maybe i’m just wishing too hard that maybe, just maybe…



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